noticias3d Review

These fans are easy to iunstall and performed much better than the stock fans in our benchmark tests while running quieter. It's the same series of fans used on their Effizio CPU coolers, which performed better than the stock heatsink at much lower noise levels, but available in multiple sizes and noise levels.

noticias3d review

gizmofusion Review

Well today I am looking at two SilenX case fans. I know what you're thinking "Hey Andrew how can fans be so special?" Well I will tell you how. The first thing I noticed about these fans was there not like most case fans where the blades are just flat pieces of plastic slightly tilted. Oh no they have a nice curve in them also they are slightly cupped. What does this mean to you? It means the design helps pull in and push out more air! There for better cooling. Also I found with both the fans is there a heck of a lot quieter then stock fans. Even more then the 240mm cooler master fan I have. Another bonus I found with these fans was that they came with noise dampening rubber pins instead of screws. I think that is the biggest assist to lack of noise. They do come with standard steel screws also.

gizmofusion review

overclockersclub Review

Overall I was quite surprised with both of these SilenX fans. Expecting them to be focused solely on the audible sound levels, I did not foresee them to produce much airflow. However the design of these fans is well worth a look at. The silicone mounting is by no means a novel concept or even an addition, but just the change in installing a fan made it interesting and fun. I can really see how this would help reduce noise with either loose screws or simply stripped fan holes. After moving fans from case to case and build to build the threads tend to take a beating and have less of a firm grip, these mounts simply work!

overclockersclub review