The SilenX heatsink offered a good design thanks to the four heatpipes that directly contact the CPU's surface. The thin aluminum fins do bend and deform easily, but it provides good performance and as such, offers an incredible value at its low price point. review

tweaknews Review

As you can guess from their name, Silenx has built their reputation around quiet PC accessories. Their IXC-120HA2 CPU cooler easily lives up to this reputation by being, well, very quiet. Even with its modest fan speeds, this cooler did an excellent job of cooling the Q6600 during testing. That is, until I added some voltage and clock cycles. When your packaging boldly states, "designed for gamers and overclockers," you'd better bring more performance to the table that the IXC-120HA2 does.

tweaknews review

madshrimps Review

In summary here are the strong/weak points of the SilenX IXC-120HA2 iXtrema:

+ excellent performance/noise balance
+ easy and secure installation
+ fan controller included
+ competitive price

- none!

madshrimps review

overclockingstation Review

Lets summarize, the SilenX IXC-120HA2 offers a sophisticated design with a simple installation, good price and a fairly compact size for the performance it offers. Add another fan and it catapults the heatsink to the upper echelons of performance in the heatsink world. We are glad to finally have a quieter reference system to use as our test PC!

overclockingstation review

moddingbase Review

For about EUR 40, the SilenX IXC-120HA2 is the cooler to get. For all the performance it brings on the table, the price is more than fair. It passed all the tests with flying colors and is up to task for all the processors on the market today. I can recommend the heatsink without hesitation.

moddingbase review

eiskaltmacher Review

The SilenX IXC-120HA2 offers an excellent mounting solution and finish, giving a good impression compared to other heatsinks that came before it. Apart from the beautiful paint finish, the fan includes a fan controller to please those who enjoy silence. Cooling is up to task and can be enhanced further with a second fan. Not exactly cheap, but definitely recommended!

eiskaltmacher review

virtual hideout Review

These days, any CPU cooler that can keep a processor under 30 C at idle and around 40 C at full load is actually a great performer. Anything just above is a good good performer. And anything near 50 C at full load is pretty much what I consider an average performer. The SilenX ICX-120HA2 CPU Cooler does in fact fall in the realm of a great performer. It's a unique cooler to this test bench given its new design and is surprisingly lighter in weight than its appearance suggests. The installation method and performance make it the optimal choice in the world of CPU coolers.

virtual hideout review

tweaktown Review

I am sure that direct contact coolers will eventually become as common as heatpipe coolers. SilenX got in on the ground floor and will no doubt continue to be a leader evolving the technology, making them a company to keep an eye on. The SilenX IXC-120HA2 is a quiet cooler that bridges the gap between silence and performance.

tweaktown review

thinkcomputers Review

I was impressed with the ease of everything and the cooling this heatsink provided. No screws or tools required to install, comes with a fan speed controller and quick and painless installation!

thinkcomputers review

rbmods Review

The Silenx Ixtrema ICX-HA2 CPU Cooler is a solidly performing cooler that is well designed and definitely produces a lot of airflow yet without a lot of sound. The cooler is easy to install and does a great job of dissipating the heat. Its performance is on-par with some of the best air coolers are the market.

rbmods review

pcflip Review

It is simply without a doubt one of the best performing direct-touch CPU coolers on the market. We had an E8400 at stock settings idle at 29c and load was at 47c and when we had this CPU OCed to 4ghz, idle was at 36c and load was at 52c, which is simply outstanding results for such a cooler.

pcflip review

overclockersclub Review

The temperatures that were achieved with this cooler were very impressive; I would suggest this cooler to anyone who is looking for a new solution for their overheating problems, either it be due to a stock cooler or an aggressive overclocker who wants to stick with air cooling.

overclockersclub review Review

Results place the Silenx iXtrema Pro IXC-120HA2 in the topmost rank of heatsinks tested to date (Heatsink Ranking) with the fan at its highest speed setting. Performance with the slower 120 mm fan is very good; the fan is almost silent - inside a case, fan noise will not be noticeable. Silenx's IEXTREMA IXC-120HA2 proves to be an excellent heatsink - you can't beat low noise, high performance and drop-dead easy installation. For aggressive cooling, a higher cfm 120 mm fan with a speed controller could be a winning setup. Very nice product. review Review

Result SilenX is back - with a vengeance! First-class manufacturing, best ever cooling performance, paired with a beautiful presentation and best value in the Low-Noise-area - simply a winner! For all its achievements, it earns the test gold! review

hi-tech reviews Review

Would I recommend this heatsink to my friends and family, ABSOLUTELY - I can install this and never have to worry about my family member CPUs ever being hot again. I wish I had stock in SilenX, simply because when the word gets out of how well these unit work there very well could be a shortage of them. Very well done SilenX.

hi-tech reviews review

fusionmod Review

Overall the iXtrema had some good performance and works very efficiently. I'm especially impressed that it's able to keep the noise down, especially for a cooler of its volume. If you guys are in the market for a new cooler, and volume is an issue this might be a great place to start looking.

fusionmod review

frostytech Review

The SilenX iXtrema IXC-120HA2 has a lot to offer and is well worth consideration. Lopping off the bottom of a heatsink so it's heatpipes are exposed to the CPU core is great thermal design technique, so keep that in mind next time you go heatsink window shopping.

frostytech review

bjorn3d Review

The SilenX IXC-120HA2 would be a great investment for those super-overclockers who wish to stay with air-cooling instead of liquid cooling and still be able to achieve a substantial result.

bjorn3d review