overclock3d Review

The SilenX Ixtrema range of fans are by far the quietest fans I have ever used in any machine. This coupled with the good CFM output of these fans makes them a great choice for people that enjoy silence but don't want to compromise performance.

overclock3d review

dragonsteelmods Review

The SilenX fans are a great product that I can easily recommend to anyone looking for a good balance of silence and performance. They perform admirably well against other top performing silent fans out there, and even push a bit more air to help cool things off better. I can honestly say that they live up to their claim that they have the ultimate in airflow to noise ratio of any fans out there. DragonSteelMods gives the iXtrema Pro Fans a 5 out of 5 score and our Recommended Award as well.

dragonsteelmods review

noticias3d Review

When the 80mm fan was placed next to my ear, there was no buzzing sound and practically no noise, and I assure you it moves a lot more air than any other fan of this size that I have tested up to now. Thanks to the antivibration screws, the fan is practically inaudible when mounted in the case. If you love silence, we won't hesitate to recommend to you the iXtrema Pro series fans.

noticias3d review

orthy.de Review

If you're looking to cut out the last decibel from your system, you can't overlook SilenX. The result is an incredibly quiet fan that delivers without sacrificing performance. We give it the "Orthy. de gold award" - for products that perform an extraordinarily high contribution to silence and ergonomics.

orthy.de review