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I like these fans for multiple reasons. 1, They are almost silent. Nothing bugs me more than a fan that tries to say that its powerful and can cool better than the rest but they just get the room buzzing from the sound they produce. 2, The amount of air they move. While most 120mm fans do move an large amount of air, I still found these could move just a bit more. While when using my fan controller I could also see that they could reach higher RPMs then the other fans I have connected to it. 3, Red LEDs. While they aren't the brightest LEDs that I have seen, at least in light, they are still very effective. I find that instead of a super bright intense light they simply glowed an eerie red light that let you know that they where there without pulling the eye toward them.

overclockershq review

overclockershq Review

Both of the fans performed very well and they were much quieter then the other two GELID fans used. The temps where a bit off from the other two GELID fans, but again if silence is what you are going for, these fans are a perfect choice. HTPC's are a great application for these fans because they are not very notorious for their high temps so these fans would more then suffice for that application.

overclockershq review

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The Silenx Quiet Case Fans are definitely the real deal when it comes to case fans. These are solid-performing products that deliver results as promised. The fans are really, really quiet, yet they move a lot of air for this size of fan. And the variety of LED colors adds some pizzazz to any build. If you're looking for high-quality fans that are ultra-quiet and has good airflow, I would recommend you consider these fans for your build.

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All in all, these fans work extremely well and produce little noise. After taking out my old fans and putting the new ones in my system, noise was greatly decreased. Also Silenx claims the fans push a lot of air (90 cfm), which is more than enough to keep a modern computer cool. With a combination of airflow, silence, and good looks, these fans are a no-brainer for any PC enthusiast with money in the bank.

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We are facing a brand that lives up to its name "SilenX", the tested fans emit a noise that's practically nil. In addition, rubber mounts replace the screws found in other fans and makes installation simple and toolless. These fans have earned the Gold Award for being practically noiseless.

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Those looking to reduce the fan noise in their computer case should take a close look at the SilenX line of cooling fans. There are a few key design elements that allow them to have fairly high flow rates while reducing the noise and spin rates of the fan. The most notable of these is the blade design.

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If you love silence and need to reduce the noise from your box, don't hesitate for a second to get the iXtrema Pro series fans. There also exists versions with LED lights of different colors for those who opt for the modded appearance.

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The SilenX iXtrema range of fans are by far the quietest fans I have ever used in any machine. This coupled with the good CFM output of these fans makes them a great choice for people that enjoy silence but don't want to compromise performance.

overclock3d review

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Comparing the SilenX fan with the Scythe S-Flex, Noiseblocker USF-SX1, Coolink SWIF-1201, NorthQ 3702 Silent Tornado and Papst 4412F/2 GLL, the iXtrema Pro fan shows the best sound to airflow ratio. We happily award it the Top Product Award.

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The SilenX fans are a great product that I can easily recommend to anyone looking for a good balance of silence and performance. They perform admirably well against other top performing silent fans out there, and even push a bit more air to help cool things off better. I can honestly say that they live up to their claim that they have the ultimate in airflow to noise ratio of any fans out there. DragonSteelMods gives the iXtrema Pro Fans a 5 out of 5 score and our Recommended Award as well.

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The SilenX fans are certainly of the best fans I've ever tested in relation to the noise and airflow. SilenX claims their fan blade design offers the best airflow to noise ratio fan and I'm inclined to believe it! Doesn't hurt to look beautiful while at it!

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Someone who wants extreme silence should naturally select the SilenX as a ideal choice. Someone who wants to quiet their system down to the last decibel should not look beyond SilenX. We give SilenX the "Orthy. de gold award" - for products that perform an extraordinarily high contribution to silence and ergonomics.

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