The combination of the IXG-80HA2 and the Fan kit makes for an excellent cooling system that can lower the temperatures of a graphics card by several degrees. Alternatively, it can allow for much quieter operation when the system is running. When paired with an ASUS EN9800GT I saw temperature drops of over 10 Degrees with the fans installed. The kit makes sense for those wanting a quiet operating graphics card that runs cooler and more stable under overclocking, in that respect this kit fits the bill. review

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Looking back at the results, we found the SilenX IXG-80HA2 to be a great performer amongst its peers. The American company demonstrates with this cooler that it is not impossible to mix performance, design and excellent craftmanship in one product. Easy to install, it offers great performance with power adapters included for even lower noise.

radeon3d review

tweaktown Review

The SilenX iXtrema Pro IXG-80HA2 is a great well thought out cooling solution. It does a nice job of keeping temperatures lower than my stock cooler and with considerably less noise to the room at a loaded state. In order for my stock fan to keep those temperatures I would need to over-ride the BIOS ramping and set the fan manually to 100% fan speed. I'm sure we all know the noise associated with a stock, dual slot cooler at 100% and the SilenX offers a cure for that with this IXG-80HA2.

tweaktown review

overclockersclub Review

Fantastic thermal performance along with silent operation makes it easy to endorse this cooler. SilenX has a winning design on their hands, one that supports a wide range of video cards and looks just as good as it performs. If you are in the market for an aftermaket video card cooling solution and willing to spend a few extra dollars, the SilenX IXG-80HA2 definitely should be high on your list.

overclockersclub review

bjorn3d Review

The IXG-80HA2 GPU cooler and fan combo gave me an impressive overclock gain of 80MHz on the core from default and 51MHz from default on the memory, while keeping the GPU core at 51C. The IXG-80HA2 is an effective way to keep video cards cooler while maintaining a somewhat quiet computer case. I could barely heat the fans on this GPU cooler and I could not determine if the noise was from the 120mm case fans or the 40mm Northbridge fan. Installation was easy and the instructions were clear and detailed.

bjorn3d review